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Helping Tricks to Control Ferret Odor

Ferrets as Pets

Coming to terms with ferrets also means getting used to their ferret odor and smell. On the contrary, there is a great difference between a strong and pungent ferret odor and a natural ferret smell. The former may be an actual cause of improper sanitation practices while the latter may be more of a physiological aspect.

You do not have to wait for ferret odor problems to persist. In fact, it is best to deal with these concerns right away. Do not take for granted small matters if not simply wait for them to grow big. Besides, proper grooming and maintenance is all that you need.

  1. Something about our ferrets causes them to be smelly. Naturally, it has something to do with oil secretion and glands. If humans are known to produce sweat by means of glands, ferrets do secrete oil to help them condition their skin and coat. To avoid unwanted ferret odor, one solution would be regular baths. It is also advisable to use mild shampoos in bathing your ferret. You may also want to use a deodorizing spray to lessen such foul stench.
  2. Regularly clean their cages and litter trays. Ferret odor problems are avoided by simply cleaning ferret items and relative accessories. Make use of pellet-shaped litters. More so, make sure that you clean their litter boxes daily. It also helps to wash their hammocks, blankets and bedding.
  3. Water and food basins must be cleaned as well. Any wet spot or dirt must be removed in their bedding or litter boxes. Soiled and dirty bedding should be replaced and eventually cleaned.
  4. Ferret odor is simply a result of carelessness. As ferret owners, we have to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of our pet’s surroundings. Be mindful of old habits and do not let important things to remain uncheck. Use mild soap and lukewarm water in cleaning ferret cages and accessories. Refer to your daily or weekly schedule and make time for cleaning duties.
  5. Traveling carriers and exercise pens are also helpful tools and items. To get rid of unwanted ferret odor, regular cleaning must be done without any supposed hassles. An empty cage is easier to clean and disinfect as compared to one with a ferret in it. In other words, exercise pens can serve as temporary havens for your pets while you fulfill your cleaning duties.

Every responsibility speaks of regularity and consistence. Keeping abreast with the basics and learning the essentials of ferret owning are the best ways to contend with ferret problems. You do not necessarily need a book or manual to keep your pets healthy and clean. Just apply the typical cleaning principles and all your ferret odor problems will be answered.

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